Frequently Asked Questions


Who can be a member?
Anyone interested in becoming informed, connected and part of the conversation in the community.

What is the cost to join:

Sustaining – $390.00
Regular – $195.00
Associate – $150.00  (see application below)

How do I join?
You just need to fill out the application and send in with the yearly dues.

To join online click JOIN NOW or PRINT PDF to download the APP:   


And renewal?
In one year on your anniversary date of joining you will receive an emailed invoice to renew your membership if you choose.
More information can be found under the above MEMBERSHIP TAB.

Luncheon Meetings

Where are the meetings held?
They are typically at the Amway Hotel or JW Marriott with a few exceptions throughout the season.
How often? Approximately twice a month, on Mondays, September – May.
Time? 12noon – 1:30. Lunch served followed up by the keynote speaker.

Is there a dress code for the luncheons and is it reserved seating?
No – Business/Business Casual welcome.
It is our policy to observe open seating, with a few exceptions at meetings to accommodate the speaker and/or sponsors.

What is the cost for the meetings?
$35 for members, and $45 for guests.

Where do I go to register for luncheons?
Through the speaker schedule on the Home page or Events page, click Register Here for the appropriate meeting. Members can register anytime the event is open for registration on our website so we strongly encourage to keep checking for updates. Also, members are emailed the meeting notice approximately 2 weeks before each meeting as a reminder to register if they haven’t already.
(See brief instructions below*)

Can I register for luncheons* without being a Member?
No – that is a benefit of membership. You need to be a member to register. Once a member you can register for yourself and any guests you want to bring. *There are several meetings throughout the season that are limited to members only due to the popularity of the event.

How do I pay for my and/or my guests lunch?
Members receive an emailed notice of the luncheons 2-3 weeks prior to the event. This advisory will have all the pertinent details. Once on the reservation site you can reserve with a credit card. You may sign up for any of the events that are listed on the Home or Events page.

Is there a limit on how many guests I can bring?
Generally no limit. If it is a special event with limited or no guests allowed, we will advise the membership. Average attendance at the meetings is close to 600, so we always encourage registering early to ensure your reservation is accepted.

Can I send a guest even if I, the member, am not attending?
Yes, unless it is one of the few “Members Only” luncheons. To do so, on the registration page, put “0” in for Member Ticket and input the correct number of guests you are bringing,  “1” or “2”, etc…then “Continue”.

What if I sign up for a meeting and then find out I can not attend?
You can advise our office and we can: substitute with another name given -or – Up until 12:00 pm, on the Thursday* prior to the luncheon we can cancel the reservation either by:
1. Giving you a “credit” to apply to a future luncheon.
2. Credit your card.
*After noon, Thursday, only substitutions accepted.


After clicking “buy tickets” for the correct meeting on the Events list, you are connected to the Approved Horizon Registration site to make your reservations. Below are the steps:

1. Sign in using your email associated your membership.
2. Choose how many attending, hit Continue to next screen.
3. Members name/company populates in all the name fields. If you have any guests type over the names with the correct info. Continue to next screen.
4. Your address populated is the billing address we have on record. IF it is different than what is showing type over with the correct info to match your credit card billing. Contact our office to change your billing address record to match your credit card you commonly use.
5. Click on Authorize payment and finish at the bottom. You will receive an emailed auto confirmation when completed.
6. If you get an error, most often it is an address miss match with the credit card you are using. You may go through the steps again and try to correct, and if you still have trouble contact our office.