Mission | Background



To provide a forum to connect, inform and inspire our diverse community about today’s economic issues and relevant topics of the day.


The Economic Club of Grand Rapids is an association of individuals interested in, and contributing to, the growing economic health of the Grand Rapids metropolitan area. Men and women from every sphere of activity are invited to hear the views of outstanding, nationally-known speakers who address our regular meetings.

The club’s semi-monthly luncheons, held on Mondays from September through June, afford members the opportunity to meet over lunch with their contemporaries in the community. The club not only serves as a forum for current events, but also as a meeting place for present and future leaders of the community.

This past season, we held 16 meetings with an average attendance of 600+ persons per meeting. Our membership, as we begin our 43rd season, has reached nearly 1,300 persons, including most of the top-level executives and community leaders in the greater Grand Rapids area.

Luncheon Meetings 2018-19